PriceTracker for Amazon

Rewritten and modernized with Swift, PriceTracker for Amazon is now available in the Mac AppStore with a number of new features!

Are you an avid shopper? You might have noticed that their prices fluctuate frequently. PriceTracker for Amazon allows you to keep an eye on the items you’re interested in and get a good deal!

Key Features:

  • Build a list of items to watch and stay organized
  • Fetches latest prices from the Amazon store
  • Price graph over time
  • Detailed price history
  • Option to set a price threshold with notifications when the price drops below the threshold
  • Automatically refreshes all prices at an interval you can set
  • Sharing of items

Please note that PriceTracker for Amazon only works with the Amazon store in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.



Question about how to use PriceTracker for Amazon (e.g. what’s an ASIN)? – Check out the FAQs!